Where Ideas Take Shape

ConForm Automotive supplies premium quality sheets, roll goods, and custom thermoformed products to OEM’s and converters primarily in the automotive industry. We are proud to be the only auto supply company that is vertically integrated from fiber to fabric to finished part. In addition to compression molded interior trim and acoustic systems, we also manufacture plastic injection molded products and cut leather sets. Each product is manufactured to the customers’ intended use.

Fibers and Fabrics Engineered For Value

ConForm Automotive is North America’s largest and most innovative manufacturer of needlepunched nonwoven fabrics and polyester staple fibers. We manufacture much of our own polyester fiber, using post-consumer and post-industrial recycled resin in a process we call “Green Manufacturing.” Producing floor carpet using PET fiber that was produced from recycled resin sources is a significant benefit. This effort will result in 6-7 pounds of fiber per car being sourced from recycled resin, and 2 million pounds of recycled resin being used annually for one vehicle program alone. This is a marketable difference from other floor carpet products available.


ConForm Automotive was created through an acquisition of a company called Formed Fiber Technologies by Detroit Technologies Inc.

  • Formed Fiber Technologies was established in 1979.
  • In 1996, Detroit Technologies was established as a global automotive supplier committed to delivering superior products to customers on time, within budget, and without defects.
  • In 1998, Detroit Technologies Inc. and Formed Fiber Technologies formed a strategic alliance.
  • In 2003, FFT acquired Color-Fi®,the leading manufacturer of solution dyed polyester staple fiber based in South Carolina.
  • In 2004, FFT expanded Color-Fi’s® production line to include polypropylene fiber. This vertical integration assured FFT a reliable and cost-effective supply of raw materials.
  • DTI and FFT enjoyed a strong partnership for 15 years before DTI partners purchased FFT in May of 2013.
  • Since the acquisition, both DTI and FFT company names remained. The decision to rebrand was necessary to create a united front between DTI and FFT. We brought together two companies with complimentary business strengths to result in the best interior trim provider in North America.

Vision: Long Term Solutions

We recognize that our company serves many roles: supplier, buyer, employer, investment, and community member. Our vision is focused on achieving excellence in every aspect of our operations.

Customer Satisfaction
ConForm is an innovative technological leader dedicated to customer satisfaction. We strive to continuously improve our products and services to provide superior quality and value

Human Resources
ConForm is a progressive and open company which values each individual’s participation as an important contribution to our collective success.

ConForm is a strong competitor, working hard to be the best in the industry, controlling costs to grow in sales and profits, constantly expanding product offerings, and serving our customers well.

Financial Strength
ConForm is a financially sound institution with the strength and stability necessary to support our strategic direction which emphasizes the long-term benefits of investments.

ConForm is a successful, prudent, and efficient company with high ethical and environmental standards. We are responsive to our customers, employees, community, and all stakeholders.

The ConForm Automotive Team

ConForm Automotive’s success is due to the efforts, accomplishments, and dedication of our team members at all levels of the company. Our team members are fully engaged and enthusiastic in their pursuit of the challenges and opportunities that exist every day in manufacturing.

At CFA, we encourage the learning of new skills and the assumption of additional responsibilities throughout the company. Our management team is both visible and accessible, and most importantly, supportive.

ConForm Automotive operates in a very competitive industry. Ideas and suggestions are encouraged at all levels of the company; particularly in the areas of safety, continuous improvement, cost reduction, and efficiency improvements.

Community Involvement

ConForm Automotive is an active partner in our communities, participating in numerous organizations such as American Red Cross, United Way, Chambers of Commerce, Life Remodeled, and Crime Stoppers.